Bitcoin National Government

Blockchainist Papers

About The USB


Bitcoin is the national Legal Tender used in the United States Of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin network of Full Nodes, Miners and Users are the backbone of our new nation.


BitCongress is the first Digital Congress that gives all users / citizens the ability to draft Legislation, Approproate Funding & Vote on all rules, regulations & laws formed.


Bitcointopia is a legal township formed in Elko County in the state of Nevada. This is the first city within our new nation & future capital of The United States of Bitcoin

Forming A New Nation

Blockchainist Papers

A series of papers will be distributed weekly to bring forth all the needed concepts to form a public opinion of why this new nation is needed & how the people can act upon it.

Declaration Of Independence

A formal Declaration Of Independence of the USB will be drafted & publicized under collective consensus, collaboration & all included communities around the world.

Internet Bill Of Rights

A fundamental Internet Bill Of Rights will be drafted & publicized defining all citizens, users & creators to be endowed with universally recognized rights & freedoms.

Constitutional Convention

A official meeting of States, Territories, Corporations, Citizens & Users will be called for & publicized to create a new government that can act in accordance with the People. 

Land & Resources

A territory, resources & controlled land under title, law & Articles of Incorporation will be formed into a legal township under Nevada law forming the city of Bitcointopia.

The New Constitution

A proper living constitution in the likeness of the Articles of Confederation & The US Constitution will be drafted, encoded into the Blockchain for eternity and distributed.


Treaties & Agreements

Treaties will be formed with the US Military Branches, with the 500 Native Nations & with other nations around the world.

Commerce & Incorporation

Agreements & Articles will be made with all nations around the globe for mutual commercial & economic cooperation.

US & International Law

In respect of the all concepts of order, law and bylaws, the United States of Bitcoin will be formed legally under UN & US Law.


Network Department

Network Status, Node Count, Mempool, Miner Distribution & Wallet Standardization.

State Department

National Cooperation & International Travel, Embassies, Intervention & Interior.

Treasury Department

Bitcoin, Counterparty, Omni, Lightning Network, Bitcoin Reserve, Bankcoin, Payments, Revenue & Budget.

Energy Department

Energy Production Technology, Energy Storage, Energy Distribution & Allocation.

Defense Department

USB Military Operations, Management, Recruitment & Strategic Command.

Commerce Department

Patents, Trademarks, Trade, Census, Communications, Standards & Technology.


Decentral Intelligence Agency

Intelligence Gathering, Communications Monitoring & Information Interpretation.

Air, Space & Ocean Administration

Aerospace, Non Terrestrial & Oceanic Research, Monitoring & Information.

Small Business Administration

Commercial Activities, Business Loans & Business Relationship Development.

Internet Administration

Internet History, Internet Archive, EFF, ICANN, TCPIP, DNS, WWW, POP3, SSL, SAT & Bitcoin

General Services Administration

General Accounting, Personnel Management, Resources & Supplies.

Blockchain Administration

Archives, Records, BIPs & Transactions

United By Bitcoin

How The United States of Bitcoin Will Be Formed